Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mollie Irene Cole

So she is FINALLY here! And she is just a blessing! Here is her story...
So I was scheduled to be induced on Tuesday (9/15) and they told me to come up to l&d at 7am. We went up there and after we registered and everything, they informed us that they got super busy all the sudden and gave us a $5 coupon to go to the cafe and get breakfast...well I had already ate so Bobby used it. We went back up and waited for a little while and they then informed us that they were super busy and asked if we wouldnt mind going home and calling them around 12:00. We said ok...cause it was better to wait at home then sit at the hospital and do nothing.

So we had lunch at Applebees and then called l&d and they said that they would call me back around 1. So they called me back at 1 and said to come up at 1:30....we were on our way!

They got me right in when we got there and started the pitocin at 2:30....then the doc came in and broke my water at 3:30.

I was dilated to a 2-3 until about oh....midnight! I tried the jacuzzi tub and that helped for a minute (well actually I sat in that puppy for an hour)...I was really hurtin at this point and I was beggin for an epidural with the fear that they might not give me one as I wasnt a complete 3. But my nurse said I could....God bless her!

So at about 1am-ish, I got my epidural and things were great until about 4:30am.....I was hurtin a TON of pressure, but it hurt REALLY BAD! At about 5:30...I started crying and told the nurse that I need to push and she said ok lemme check and she was kind of hesitant to let me start pushing as I think I wasnt completely a 10....but she thought we would give it a I pushed a couple times and she was like.."Well I better go get the doctor"....

At 6am I was pushing away....4 pushes later...Mollie was flyin out, lol!

6:10am she was here!

WHY do my children feel the need to take there sweet a** time???

So thats my story and I am stickin to it, lol!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

39 weeks!

So a while back I signed up for the JDRF "Walk to Cure Diabetes" and yesterday was the day! OMG, was that the wrong thing to do, lol! I didnt realize that it was 2 FLIPPIN MILES! I made the kids walk, and my mom walked too! Emma did great...but Graci...uhhh...not so much! She whined pretty much the whole time because she was hungry and then it was because it was so long and so on and so fourth! Well then she fell when she was running and OH LORD you woulda thought she broke her leg or something....she scraped her knee and her thumb (and of course the thumb was bleeding) we had to stop at one of the cop cars on the way and ask for a bandaid...cause you know when kids bleed its like they are going to die, lol! So we continued to walk and I continued to hold my back and it was just pure hell! I was never so glad to see my car in my life! We got to the car and I sat down and it actually hurt more to sit still in my car then it did to actually walk, lol! Then I went home and took a nap!

So I was hoping that would get the process going and I doubt it did unless it dilated me some...but I doubt that too! Wont know till Tuesday!

So Tuesday is right around the corner....very nervous! I just hope its somewhat quick...probably wont be, but I sure hope it is!

Wish me luck!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

38w & 4d

So I had another weekly checkup dilation :-( Booo!

BUT my doc said he would induce me on the I got that all scheduled! I am a bit scared as I havent started dilating at all and I was at least a little dilated when I got induced with Emma & Graci....this time if I dont start dilating then I will be starting with a clean slate and that scares the bee-jeebers out of me!

Well I am going to twitter my way through the day so if you dont tweet and you want to know my status on Tuesday...then ya better follow me!

Monday, September 7, 2009


So today...well started last night...I am a cleaning maniac! I must say that I have been LAZY since I have been prego and thank God for my hubby for being a clean freak! Well last night I decided to brave the black hole (or the basement as some like to call it)....awhile back we had some water issues and a ton of clothes got wet and we just never got around to cleaning them (out of sight...out of mind I guess) anywho, they were ruined after being down there for so long! So I made myself go down there yesterday and start throwing stuff away! I went through ALL the laundry down there and ended up with 2 massive piles leftover (one dark and one white), so thats what I am working on today.

Today, I got up and cleaned the bathtub, the microwave (was super upset that ALL my magic erasers were gone)...but I managed. Still doing laundry and I am about to go upstairs and go through all of the girls clothes and start putting away summer clothes and putting the fall/winter apparel back in their drawers...what a pain! Then I have to do my room....YIKES!

Hopefully this is a sign that Mollie is making her way into the world....HOPEFULLY!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

37w & 5d appt

They didnt check my cervix...which I would have liked (well not enjoyed...but good to know if progress is being made)....the midwife, Bobbi, was there and not Dr. V so she said that he would check me next week. I talked to her about possibly being induced and she went and checked his schedule and said that the 15th he would be on-call. I dont necessarily WANT to be induced as it wasnt enjoyable with my first 2...BUT I am SOOOOO over being pregnant at this point! I dont consider myself a complainer....but I just feel like crap and these last 2 weeks are going to draaaaaagggg!

She did also mention that she couldnt guarantee the 15th because they only get 5 spots up in L&D and if someone is over-due or there is an emergency then they will be who knows!

Everything else looked good....gained another 4 pounds for a grand total now of 29! Whoa, almost tippin 30 pounds!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ultrasound....Just checkin'

So I had an u/s today at Dr. V's office....I think they just wanted to check the size and position of baby (and maybe fluid level and all that)....anyway, got a 3D pic:
Its not very good....but it'll do!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A boy?

Ok so I had this dream last night...well more of a nightmare really, lol! I had a dream that this baby was born a BOY! Oh man was he cute though! I woke up like really stressed out about it because it wouldnt be bad except for everything this little girl has is PINK...or blue with ruffles! Anyway, lets hope thats not the outcome...I am not much for those kind of surprises!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

36w and 1d

So I am finally down to weekly check-ups with the doc! This week I had the full work up if you know what I mean and I heard, "No Dialation yet".....sonofa! Oh well, I kinda figured that!

Anyway, all is well...getting big!

Will post a pic soon!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My "Sprinkle"

So today. my friend, Kristyn, threw me such a nice shower (that we will call a sprinkle as I dont go crazy and give her this big huge invite list and I didnt register for huge expensive stuff like you do with your first child, lol)....any chance that I get to spend time with family and friends is ALWAYS a joy!

Kristyn made this really cute cake (sorry I dont have pics yet)....and it was super good! We had Subway, pasta salad, taco dip and chips....super yummy! It was a really nice day minus the downpour we had for a few minutes where my daughter (Graci) decided to play in a mud puddle...AHHHHHHHHHHHHH...I hate mud, sand, name it, I hate it!

My friends/family are the best....I was hesitant about letting Kristyn throw this shower at first cause I thought, "Well this is my third baby".....but really, when you think about it....the last shower I had was for Emma and that was 6.5 years ago and all her stuff was used for Graci and then after it went through 2 kids, I just gave it away or gave it to people who needed it more then I at the time. This time around I have spent a ton of money and did the nursery the way I wanted it. I didnt have the chance to have an actual nursery for Emma/Graci so since this baby was actually planned, I was going all out, lol! So anyway, I just registered for some small items (towels, washclothes, socks, bottles, binkies, etc) as I didnt need any of the big stuff. All in all it was so nice to see everyone!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

34w and 2d

Had my bi-weekly checkup today....gained 3 pounds for a grand total now of 24! Everything was good AND they said the baby has dropped and descended into the birth canal! They assured me that that doesnt mean I am going to go into labor anytime soon...but hey, its progress!

I have a mad case of heartburn right now and have had a headache since I woke up this! I took Tylenol but it didnt work...I do need another dose of Zantac though!

Here are some belly pics I took today.....I let Emma take the pics and Graci got a little jealous so she took the one that Emma is in...did a pretty good job too!

OMG....I bought this cute little hat on ebay and it just came in the mail today! I LOVE it! Its a little beanie and its so cute! I would buy a couple more but they are like $9.99 a piece....but so worth it!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Yeah....its 3D day!

Going to see Nicole's mom to get my 3D Ultrasound excited! I hope the baby is facing us so we can see its widdle chubby cheekers! Knowing how stubborn this baby was about its "parts" though....I have a feeling we wont have such good luck...we will see.

Wish me luck :-)

Monday, July 27, 2009

32 weeks

Had my routine bi-weekly checkup today....

  • Heartbeat 145
  • Measuring good
  • Gained 4 more pounds for a total of 21
  • BP good

My actual doctor is out this week so I saw the midwife, Bobbi....she is really nice and personable. Anyway, she must be training on the u/s machine because she asked me if I wanted to take a peak at the baby and of course I said yes...always up for a chance to see baby girl! So I got to see Mollie Magoo today and she was so could actually see her fat little cheeks and she was sucking it was so cute! I am so excited for her to be here!

Went to Daryl's for dinner tonight with Nicole, Maria, Lauren and Leslie....good eating but I am soooooooooooooooo stuffed! Then we went and walked around downtown looking for ice cream but Jackson has nothing to offer after 8pm apparently. So Maria, Nicole and I decided to go to Cascades and get Ice Cream....we sat at a picnic table and chatted for awhile about our crazy kids and ways of parenting....poor Maria has so much to look forward to, lol! So good to see the gals and hang out with out all of our kids was very relaxing until the damn mesquitos starting biting! We need to do it again soon!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Too much sun today...

So lately, every chance I have gotten, I have layed out at my MIL's pool and baked in the sun. OH how I have missed the tanner, my tan skin (well...evenly tan skin). Today I went out in an actual bikini because the maternity bathing suits, when wet, make my belly itch needless to stomach had had NO sunshine this summer at all....I am BURNT to a crisp! I havent been burnt like this in years! Oh will turn into a tan, so I am not too worried! Now I just have to figure out a way to tan my back side....its hard when you cant lay on your stomach, lol!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

29w & 6d

Here it is folks.....another belly shot! I'm gettin there!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

29w & 4d

So I had my first bi-weekly check up today....same ol same ol....EXCEPT I managed to gain 12 pounds in the last 2 weeks...HOLY GUACAMOLE! Yep so its a total of 17 pounds to date :-) I actually feel much better about the 17 pounds then I did the 5 pounds...because it feels more normal to have gained 17 then 5 total in 30 weeks!

Ok that was pretty much it....until next time, lol

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Almost 28 week check-up

Went to doctors is what happened:

  • Baby's Heartbeat - 148
  • Measuring exactly where I should be
  • Blood Pressure Good
  • Lost 3 Pounds....WTF???? Yeah you read right....I LOST 3 pounds! So now for a grand total of 5 pounds gained so far!!!! What the hell??? I guess those late night frozen pizzas arent hurting me, lol! The nurse/doctor both said I was all belly...but then whats up with my ass & hips??? LMAO...seriously! Maybe they were just big before and I was to blind to notice...who knows! But hey...I am not complaining!

I am now going every 2 weeks....exciting! I have to go and get my Rhogam Shot on Monday...Ouchie! And then I have to take my Glucose test this week as well...gross!

Yesterday I got a massage from my friend Lauren....BTW, GREAT massage therapist! If you or anyone you know is in need of an hour long massage for only $ Lauren @ (517)812-1122!

She is AWESOME! She does Gift Certs too!! Like how I name dropped...she will love that, lol!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Pic

Here are a couple 26 week and 3 day shots....whoo-whoo!

Looks like I am like, "Hey, guys look at my camera"....but I wasn't, lol
And here, I have no neck....well at least it certainly appears that way!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Feelin the burn...

So the heartburn has officially begun....doesnt matter what I eat...I get heartburn! And to hell with the fact that it means your baby will have a lot of hair because I had heartburn with my other kids and they didnt have a ton of hair...they had a little, but not a ton.

In other news...I am 25 weeks and 2 days and I feel VERY tired! Lately I have been getting horrible round ligament pains as I walk..ANYWHERE...and they literally take my breath away. It sucks! The groin pains have pretty much subsided but come back every now and then to make me miserable.

I will take some belly pics soon and post them....

Thursday, May 28, 2009

23 weeks and counting...

So I am 23 weeks as of Monday....Had my routine doc appt yesterday and everything was great! Gained 4 pounds for a grand total of 8....I know...8??? I look like I have gained another person!

Baby is moving around like crazy...its so weird but I can tell exactly when she is going to move...its such a cool feeling! I have been feeling pretty good...the groin issues have slightly gone away, which is good!

I had a pinched nerve in my back last week which went all up my neck and down my was AWFUL! I broke down and called the doc because I was in so much pain. They prescribed me some Tylenol 3's w/codeine, which I was VERY apprehensive to take at first...but I figured that since the doc prescribed them, they must be ok. I feel better is still lingering in my back...but no longer in my neck, which was the worst part.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Nursery Pics

Here are a couple pics of the crib with the bedding....the travel system we bought (just the carseat is shown) and the storage thing with the cube inserts we bought in Pink/Brown....Check it out:

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Shop till ya drop...literally!

So today I went shopping at the Howell Outlet Mall (Tanger I think) with Missy and Maria. It was fun...nice to get out without the kiddies and just do some good ol shopping! As I get bigger it has become hard for me to walk a groin area KILLS when I walk alot and I get these pains in my lower abdomen...OUCHIE wah wah! OH yeah and my feet/legs hurt too! I am so out of shape its unreal....I suppose that having a job that requires you to sit on your ass all day isnt the best form of exercise but hey, what do ya do? Just watching people walk on TV wears me imagine actually doing it, lol! Anyway, got a TON of clothes for the little peanut today! Not nearly enough for a whole wardrobe, but a good start! When Missy dropped me back off to my car, I thought that since the kids were at my moms and the hubby went up north...that I was going to go back to Lansing and go to Babies R us.....I love that store! I ended up buying this:

I loved it when I saw it online but they were out of I checked the store and they had a ton! OH and I got the CUTEST little outfit...check it out!

Awww...its a newborn size to hopefully it fits...I am sure the shoes will be too big because they always are!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

20ish weeks

Here is the long awaited belly shot... See...I said I was big! You'd think I had octopulets in there...LOL....oh lord! Actually I just ate not too long ago and I am really that makes me look bigger....but STILL!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Holy Fricken About Time...

So it is official....its aNOTHER little Girl! I am having a prayer service for Bobby...hope you can join us! LMAO

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh good Lord!

So I went in for my 20 weeks u/s today (well I will be 20 weeks on Monday)....and wouldnt ya know it...they couldnt tell AGAIN! I am having the worst luck! First the baby was laying on its belly so then the tech told me to go to the bathroom and walk around the hall for a few I did. I came back and the baby was then laying on its back but still has legs straight out and crossed at the its thighs were basically squeezing its little parts. She said that she thought it was a girl..only because from the angle she was looking she should have been able to see boy parts IF it was a boy and she her best guess was a girl! At this point...I would take a damn puppy...I just want to know what it is, LOL! So I am going to talk to Nic's mom again to see if I can come bug her again because I am so damn impatient that I cant take this whole "not knowing" stuff! So maybe I can go in and see Laura on Tuesday morning....lets hope she can tell this time! I am not taking anyone with me....just myself...maybe thats what the baby wants??? Who knows...I am out of answers!

Ok well I guess I will write again when I have some actual news to report~

Friday, April 24, 2009

Almost 19 weeks....

I will be 19 weeks on, almost half way over! It actually has gone by pretty fast! Although I am still very anxious to know what this little stinker is...I have decided to just give up! Maybe if I act like I dont care then the baby will show us its stuff at my next u/s??? Hey, its worth a shot, lol!

I have been feeling pretty good! No nausea since like week 10, but I still have a migraine daily...nothing new really...I had those pre-pregnancy as well! I had my monthly doc visit yesterday and I gained 3 pounds....I think I have gained a total of maybe 5 so far...I feel like I have gained more, lol! Everything looked great...well sounded great I should say...they just really listen to the heartbeat.

I am feeling movement 3-4 times a day....had a little poke as I typed that too, lol! Its not fluttering anymore...its pretty strong...not quite strong enough to feel outside my stomach, but it feels strong to me.

My friend, Kristyn, just had her baby last night...he is so stinkin cute! He is just a little guy...6 lbs 5 oz....nothin to him! So needless to say I was a little jealous that she was having her baby and I have like 20 more weeks to go!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

What is it with people???

So I will be 18 weeks preg on Monday....A few weeks ago at my routine doc appt, the midwife says, "Hey, lets schedule your u/s for a couple weeks!" I say, "Well isnt it too soon?" and she is all, "Nahhh, it'll be fine".....

So here we was the big day! I go and I drink my 32 ounces of water because this u/s tech is super anal and can like measure the liquid in your bladder and if you are an ounce shy of 32 she wont do your u/s! No doubt...this beotch is hard core! Anyway, I go in and lay on the ol table and she asks my due date...I say September 21st...she says, "Well you arent far enough along for me to do an assessment".....I just kind of mentioned to her that Bobbi (the midwife) was the one that scheduled it and she was just acting annoyed. I said, "Well can you at least try to see what it is since I am here?" and she honest to God, looks at me and is like, "Well I can try but its wayyy too early"....WHAT the F ever, lol! Anyway so she spends literally 20 seconds with the u/s machine and says, "Yeah its legs are crossed I cant tell".....WHAT??? I dont get this chic...she likes hates her job or something! Anyway, so I have my "20 week u/s" scheduled for April 30th...BUT Laura (Nic's Mom) told me to come back on Tuesday and we will give her another try!

I mean I found out with BOTH my girls at 17 dont tell me its too soon to tell....I dont "not like" many people in this world...but I am not a fan of this lady and I plan to tell the doctor that when I go back for my routine visit next week!

Ok, lol...I am done venting! I feel better!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Ok so I went to my third u/s today with Nicole's mom today and STILL couldnt tell what this little sucker is! There was a point when she really thought it was a boy but wasnt sure if that was its package or if it was the umbilical cord....DANG IT! So I have my u/s with my doctors office on Thursday morning so hopefully I have better luck then! The suspense is killing me...I just want to buy the bedding/buy a stroller-carseat combo...but I cant because I refuse to buy something neutral! AHHHHHHH!

Well wish me luck on Thursday that this kid is cooperating, LOL!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So I had another ultrasound today with Nicole's mom and the baby is breech (meaning head up/butt down) and so therefore, couldnt tell! I hate to keep bugging Laura for ultrasounds but I am so golly gee darn impatient that I just have to know! The suspense is killing me! I want to be able to go and buy decorate, ya know???

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

15 week belly shot!

Here ya go! Huge I tell ya...
I have another u/s next tuesday...hopefully the little peanut will perform!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You wanna know what it is???? Yeah so do I :-(

So I had another ultrasound today and no luck in seeing the lil' peanuts goodies! They had their legs clamped pretty tight! I am going back in 2 weeks and we are going to try again! Here are a few pics of the alien baby Cole!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Was that what I think it was?

So yesterday as I was sitting at work with my pants all tight on my lower stomach I felt these little way I can describe it is if you take your fingernail and lightly scratch your skin....kinda felt like that. I KNOW it was seems early, but I think by now I know that feeling. I know it wasnt gas because gas bubbles are much higher in your stomach (well where your stomach is)....not low where your uterus is! Anyway, so that was cool!

I couldnt take the whole "So white I glow in the dark" feeling anymore so I went and got spray tanned....I feel so great! It looks good (well except my hands, but I kind of expected that, lol)....I just feel so much more better about the way I look....anyone else feel that way?

I need to get some pictures up....I will have to do that this weekend!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sick sick and more sick...

Well not pregnancy sick thank God....So on Wednesday I woke up with a sore throat and thought oh crap its probably strep throat since Graci had it last week. AND my left eye was all nastified. I stayed home and went to the doctor and come to fine out it was just a viral sinus infection or something and I have Pink Eye....NEVER in my life have I had Pink Eye and I feel ohhh so gross about it. This is kinda ridiculous, but when I think of Pink Eye, I think of that movie, "Knocked Up" in which all the guys that lived together all got Pink Eye from farting in each others now I feel like everyone is going to think Bobby farted in my pillow, LOL! No seriously! Well I guess its REALLY contagious, like you can just touch something that somebody touched who has pink eye and get it that way....well my BIL, Matt, has Pink Eye as well and we were around them on I guess I got it from him. "Knock on Wood" but no one else in my household has gotten it yet...hopefully they dont!

Pregnancy-wise, feeling good....have had some "growing pains" in my lower abdomen the past couple days...I am pretty sure they are normal. I am not sick anymore...def still fighting migraines/headaches but I am hoping they leave sometime soon! I am 12 weeks on Friday....yay! Only 2/3rd's left to go, lol!

Friday, March 6, 2009


So I am really trying to keep up on this blogging deal...especially with the new arrival and all. So I am now 11 weeks along and I am really starting to feel normal again...I do still have issues with migraines and being tired but thats way better then being nauseous any day of the week. I am def getting a tum tum...they say that after you have one kid and you get pregs again that your belly just pops out and I dont remember it happening like that with Graci, but this kid aint holdin back! I already have to wear maternity shirts...they just look better when you have a pooch...when you wear your other shirts it just looks like you are bloated, lol. I can still wear my normal pants, I just have to use the pony-tail holder method.

The more I think about it being a girl or boy the more I kind of want another little girl...I know thats weird because I already have 2, but its like...I have never had a boy! How do you raise a boy? Are they much different then little girls? The fear of the unknown...gets me every time!

We finally have the baby's room half is tan and the bottom half is chocolate brown! Thought that was pretty neutral and would go with pink/brown or blue/brown. So we will see! OH and we got new carpet yesterday...IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love it! Not to the point where I am rolling around on it, but I love it!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Monthly Check-up

So I went to the doc yesterday for my monthly check-up....everything looks great! Doc was actually able to hear the heartbeat through the cool! He said it was 162...probably another girl!

Felling better...not 100% yet but better!

Will update more later...i am at work and gotta get ready to go!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My little sea creature

So I got ahold of Nic's mom on Tuesday and went in for an ultrasound....I didnt drink quite as much water this time (only a 16 ounce and that was plenty)....Everything looked good and my little blob is measuring exactly 8w 3d...well it will be 9 weeks tomorrow! Could see the little heartbeat and hear it...was so comforting.

Update on how I am feeling....Still craptastical! I feel good when I am eating but other then that I feel yucktastic! I cannot wait for this nauseating/migraine-ish feeling to go away and get back to normal...well not normal but you know!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

If at first you dont succeed...try..try...again

So I am going to call Nicole's mom this morning (well text her as I was told) and see if she can get me in for an ultrasound today. Hopefully she can!

I am feeling somewhat better as in, I am not sick ALL day long anymore...its now more at a certain time in the morning and right before bed, which is far better then all day. I hate this part in the pregnancy though where your old clothes dont fit and your maternity stuff is too big or look silly....its rough! I have purchased a couple pair of nice work pants (that are maternity) and they fit me now which means when I am a full blown cow that they probably wont! All t he shirts I have bought are Large and so they are all real big still....guess I need to hit up the clearance rack and find some smaller stuff.

I will update later on the ultrasound situation...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So today my friend at work tells me that her SIL lost her baby at 18 sad! She was going to find out what she was having and they could not find a heartbeat...and tonight she has to actually deliver the baby...honestly, what are your thoughts??? If you were to be 18 weeks along would you want them to just put you out and take the baby or would you want to go through all that pain and suffering to know that there is no light at the end of the tunnel? I, for one, would rather them knock me out and get it over with but I guess thats not protocol. I just feel for her ya know. She tried for so long to have this baby then had to do 4 months of In-vitro and she is now the chances of that happening again, I would think, would be pretty high.

THEN I went and read that blog about the little baby Cora....what a devastating situation! Those poor parents, I cant even imagine what they are going through right now....What an awful awful thing to happen to their little baby.

I just hope and pray that my little baby (or what looks like a swamp thing in the pic to the right, lol) is ok and they are healthy.


So I was supposed to have an Ultrasound last week with Nicole's mom but she forgot about me and I havent had a chance to call her back to set another one up. Truthfully, I am scared to drink 32 ounces of water again and have her forget me again, lol....I think I peed like 6 times in a matter of a half hour...LOL!

Anyway, I am 7 1/2 weeks today....and I still feel like crud! Ya know when you feel sick and its hard to remember what it feels like to feel better...yeah its like that. I cant imagine waking up one morning and feeling better, but what a miracle that would be! No puking, just that feeling that I want to puke and I have a massive migraine everyday. My neurologist says I can take my midrin still but I take it and when it starts to dissolve, I can taste it in my mouth and that alone makes me want to vomit. So I havent been taking that. I also have Zofran for nausea but that doesnt really help either. So I guess I am screwed.

I DO have an appetite which is good...when I am eating is about the only time I feel better, lol, go figure. Sunday, I was in my car and the "Cheeseburger in Paradise" song came on....all I could think of was how good that sounded, this was the part that kept replaying in my head:

"I like mine with lettuce and tomata, heinz 57 and french fried potata, big dill pickle and a huge draft beer"

Minus the beer part, it sounded deeeeee-licious!I am going to try and be a better blogger, I promise

Friday, January 30, 2009


So yesterday I had my first Doc Appt and everything went well I guess....he wrote me a Rx for Zofran for my nausea and then scheduled an Ultrasound for this morning at 8:45. Went in for the Ultrasound and they told me I didnt drink enough water (well I felt like I did, lol) I had to go empty my bladder and then they had to do a "Probe"....first time getting one of those and they really arent too pleasant. Anyway, couldnt see or hear a heartbeat so thats a little scary but could see the little sac and whatnot.

Message to Nicole....I know you will read this, can you call your Mom and ask if thats normal with that kind of ultrasound being 6 weeks along...just need some reassurance. Thanks!

Well so anyway, I am feeling pretty sick these days, no puking...Thank God...but still feel like I want to. We have this rancid smell in our kitchen right now...pretty sure its a dead mouse that I will never find so I have to just wait until the smell goes away...but it couldnt possibly be in the spare bedroom where no one it has to be right in the kitchen where I have to get food and with that smell in there...who wants to wat anything? Which brings me to us eating out a lot lately because of the smell....vicious cycle, lol!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


WHY does my bouncing baby to the right of the screen look like a lizard? Just wondered, lol

Sick of being sick...

So I caught a bug or something....Yesterday I had to leave work early because I started to get body aches really bad, had a migraine, sore throat, etc....So I went home around 10 only to feel worse throughout the day....there is nothing worse then being pregs and being sick as well...normally with a sickness like that I would dowse myself in Nyquil and call it a day, but you cant take that when you are I had to resort to childrens tylenol cold, yeah well it worked for the body aches and that was the worst part. My body aches were gone today but my throat hurts like haites and I still have a migraine and a horrible cough. I dont think it was the flu because I wasnt pukey feeling at all...was still able to eat and stuff....who knows! Anyway, havent gotten the preg sick yet...and I hope I dont...that would be AWESOME!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Did it Grow?

My kids are sooooooo fascinated with me having a "baby in my belly"...its so funny!

Emma's Thoughts:
  • Every morning for the past 2 days she has said, "Mommy, did the baby grow today?"
  • She stares at me all the time
  • Every time she walks by me she has to touch my belly
  • Is VERY protective....for instance...yesterday as I was getting the kids ready for the sitters Graci went a runnin like she always does and I yelled, "Graci get over here and get dressed"....well Emma pipes up and says, "Graci, you better not make mom yell cause she has a baby in her belly and thats not cool to make her yell so you better listen"
  • She said she told everyone at school yesterday and this one boy, Gunner (who she says just loves babies and is really good with kids, lol) apparently fainted because he was so happy. ....not sure on that one, lol

Graci's Thoughts:

  • I wanna name it "Sally"
  • Last night I ate an Ice Cream Sandwich and it didnt settle well and so Graci thought that maybe it was because the baby was growing? Or maybe it was because it was kicking me?
  • Other then that she doesnt really care, lol...

So really I am glad that they are at the age they are at because they seem very interested (ok well Emma does, lol) and its neat!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I say that like we have been trying for years and years....but really ONLY 3 months! But if you have ever tried to have a baby then 3 months seems like FOREVER!

Anyway, on Sunday I took a test and it was negative so I thought...GREAT gotta try again next month! But I went to Walmart last night and picked up a box of tests because I knew I would need them anyway and thought...Wellllll maybe I will take one right now..if its negative then I am going to wait to see if "Master P" comes......Well I took it and was a positive! Yayyyyy, now I get to join babymammaland! Going to call the doctor today and get an appt.