Monday, September 7, 2009


So today...well started last night...I am a cleaning maniac! I must say that I have been LAZY since I have been prego and thank God for my hubby for being a clean freak! Well last night I decided to brave the black hole (or the basement as some like to call it)....awhile back we had some water issues and a ton of clothes got wet and we just never got around to cleaning them (out of sight...out of mind I guess) anywho, they were ruined after being down there for so long! So I made myself go down there yesterday and start throwing stuff away! I went through ALL the laundry down there and ended up with 2 massive piles leftover (one dark and one white), so thats what I am working on today.

Today, I got up and cleaned the bathtub, the microwave (was super upset that ALL my magic erasers were gone)...but I managed. Still doing laundry and I am about to go upstairs and go through all of the girls clothes and start putting away summer clothes and putting the fall/winter apparel back in their drawers...what a pain! Then I have to do my room....YIKES!

Hopefully this is a sign that Mollie is making her way into the world....HOPEFULLY!

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