Sunday, September 6, 2009

37w & 5d appt

They didnt check my cervix...which I would have liked (well not enjoyed...but good to know if progress is being made)....the midwife, Bobbi, was there and not Dr. V so she said that he would check me next week. I talked to her about possibly being induced and she went and checked his schedule and said that the 15th he would be on-call. I dont necessarily WANT to be induced as it wasnt enjoyable with my first 2...BUT I am SOOOOO over being pregnant at this point! I dont consider myself a complainer....but I just feel like crap and these last 2 weeks are going to draaaaaagggg!

She did also mention that she couldnt guarantee the 15th because they only get 5 spots up in L&D and if someone is over-due or there is an emergency then they will be who knows!

Everything else looked good....gained another 4 pounds for a grand total now of 29! Whoa, almost tippin 30 pounds!

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  1. I had that much weight + A TON more!!! :) My mom told me there was no way I would gain as much the second time...boy was she wrong!

    I know how you's just time! Cannot wait to meet your newest will be soon. :) Hang in there.