Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mollie Irene Cole

So she is FINALLY here! And she is just a blessing! Here is her story...
So I was scheduled to be induced on Tuesday (9/15) and they told me to come up to l&d at 7am. We went up there and after we registered and everything, they informed us that they got super busy all the sudden and gave us a $5 coupon to go to the cafe and get breakfast...well I had already ate so Bobby used it. We went back up and waited for a little while and they then informed us that they were super busy and asked if we wouldnt mind going home and calling them around 12:00. We said ok...cause it was better to wait at home then sit at the hospital and do nothing.

So we had lunch at Applebees and then called l&d and they said that they would call me back around 1. So they called me back at 1 and said to come up at 1:30....we were on our way!

They got me right in when we got there and started the pitocin at 2:30....then the doc came in and broke my water at 3:30.

I was dilated to a 2-3 until about oh....midnight! I tried the jacuzzi tub and that helped for a minute (well actually I sat in that puppy for an hour)...I was really hurtin at this point and I was beggin for an epidural with the fear that they might not give me one as I wasnt a complete 3. But my nurse said I could....God bless her!

So at about 1am-ish, I got my epidural and things were great until about 4:30am.....I was hurtin a TON of pressure, but it hurt REALLY BAD! At about 5:30...I started crying and told the nurse that I need to push and she said ok lemme check and she was kind of hesitant to let me start pushing as I think I wasnt completely a 10....but she thought we would give it a I pushed a couple times and she was like.."Well I better go get the doctor"....

At 6am I was pushing away....4 pushes later...Mollie was flyin out, lol!

6:10am she was here!

WHY do my children feel the need to take there sweet a** time???

So thats my story and I am stickin to it, lol!

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