Thursday, August 27, 2009

A boy?

Ok so I had this dream last night...well more of a nightmare really, lol! I had a dream that this baby was born a BOY! Oh man was he cute though! I woke up like really stressed out about it because it wouldnt be bad except for everything this little girl has is PINK...or blue with ruffles! Anyway, lets hope thats not the outcome...I am not much for those kind of surprises!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

36w and 1d

So I am finally down to weekly check-ups with the doc! This week I had the full work up if you know what I mean and I heard, "No Dialation yet".....sonofa! Oh well, I kinda figured that!

Anyway, all is well...getting big!

Will post a pic soon!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

My "Sprinkle"

So today. my friend, Kristyn, threw me such a nice shower (that we will call a sprinkle as I dont go crazy and give her this big huge invite list and I didnt register for huge expensive stuff like you do with your first child, lol)....any chance that I get to spend time with family and friends is ALWAYS a joy!

Kristyn made this really cute cake (sorry I dont have pics yet)....and it was super good! We had Subway, pasta salad, taco dip and chips....super yummy! It was a really nice day minus the downpour we had for a few minutes where my daughter (Graci) decided to play in a mud puddle...AHHHHHHHHHHHHH...I hate mud, sand, name it, I hate it!

My friends/family are the best....I was hesitant about letting Kristyn throw this shower at first cause I thought, "Well this is my third baby".....but really, when you think about it....the last shower I had was for Emma and that was 6.5 years ago and all her stuff was used for Graci and then after it went through 2 kids, I just gave it away or gave it to people who needed it more then I at the time. This time around I have spent a ton of money and did the nursery the way I wanted it. I didnt have the chance to have an actual nursery for Emma/Graci so since this baby was actually planned, I was going all out, lol! So anyway, I just registered for some small items (towels, washclothes, socks, bottles, binkies, etc) as I didnt need any of the big stuff. All in all it was so nice to see everyone!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

34w and 2d

Had my bi-weekly checkup today....gained 3 pounds for a grand total now of 24! Everything was good AND they said the baby has dropped and descended into the birth canal! They assured me that that doesnt mean I am going to go into labor anytime soon...but hey, its progress!

I have a mad case of heartburn right now and have had a headache since I woke up this! I took Tylenol but it didnt work...I do need another dose of Zantac though!

Here are some belly pics I took today.....I let Emma take the pics and Graci got a little jealous so she took the one that Emma is in...did a pretty good job too!

OMG....I bought this cute little hat on ebay and it just came in the mail today! I LOVE it! Its a little beanie and its so cute! I would buy a couple more but they are like $9.99 a piece....but so worth it!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Yeah....its 3D day!

Going to see Nicole's mom to get my 3D Ultrasound excited! I hope the baby is facing us so we can see its widdle chubby cheekers! Knowing how stubborn this baby was about its "parts" though....I have a feeling we wont have such good luck...we will see.

Wish me luck :-)