Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh good Lord!

So I went in for my 20 weeks u/s today (well I will be 20 weeks on Monday)....and wouldnt ya know it...they couldnt tell AGAIN! I am having the worst luck! First the baby was laying on its belly so then the tech told me to go to the bathroom and walk around the hall for a few I did. I came back and the baby was then laying on its back but still has legs straight out and crossed at the its thighs were basically squeezing its little parts. She said that she thought it was a girl..only because from the angle she was looking she should have been able to see boy parts IF it was a boy and she her best guess was a girl! At this point...I would take a damn puppy...I just want to know what it is, LOL! So I am going to talk to Nic's mom again to see if I can come bug her again because I am so damn impatient that I cant take this whole "not knowing" stuff! So maybe I can go in and see Laura on Tuesday morning....lets hope she can tell this time! I am not taking anyone with me....just myself...maybe thats what the baby wants??? Who knows...I am out of answers!

Ok well I guess I will write again when I have some actual news to report~

Friday, April 24, 2009

Almost 19 weeks....

I will be 19 weeks on, almost half way over! It actually has gone by pretty fast! Although I am still very anxious to know what this little stinker is...I have decided to just give up! Maybe if I act like I dont care then the baby will show us its stuff at my next u/s??? Hey, its worth a shot, lol!

I have been feeling pretty good! No nausea since like week 10, but I still have a migraine daily...nothing new really...I had those pre-pregnancy as well! I had my monthly doc visit yesterday and I gained 3 pounds....I think I have gained a total of maybe 5 so far...I feel like I have gained more, lol! Everything looked great...well sounded great I should say...they just really listen to the heartbeat.

I am feeling movement 3-4 times a day....had a little poke as I typed that too, lol! Its not fluttering anymore...its pretty strong...not quite strong enough to feel outside my stomach, but it feels strong to me.

My friend, Kristyn, just had her baby last night...he is so stinkin cute! He is just a little guy...6 lbs 5 oz....nothin to him! So needless to say I was a little jealous that she was having her baby and I have like 20 more weeks to go!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

What is it with people???

So I will be 18 weeks preg on Monday....A few weeks ago at my routine doc appt, the midwife says, "Hey, lets schedule your u/s for a couple weeks!" I say, "Well isnt it too soon?" and she is all, "Nahhh, it'll be fine".....

So here we was the big day! I go and I drink my 32 ounces of water because this u/s tech is super anal and can like measure the liquid in your bladder and if you are an ounce shy of 32 she wont do your u/s! No doubt...this beotch is hard core! Anyway, I go in and lay on the ol table and she asks my due date...I say September 21st...she says, "Well you arent far enough along for me to do an assessment".....I just kind of mentioned to her that Bobbi (the midwife) was the one that scheduled it and she was just acting annoyed. I said, "Well can you at least try to see what it is since I am here?" and she honest to God, looks at me and is like, "Well I can try but its wayyy too early"....WHAT the F ever, lol! Anyway so she spends literally 20 seconds with the u/s machine and says, "Yeah its legs are crossed I cant tell".....WHAT??? I dont get this chic...she likes hates her job or something! Anyway, so I have my "20 week u/s" scheduled for April 30th...BUT Laura (Nic's Mom) told me to come back on Tuesday and we will give her another try!

I mean I found out with BOTH my girls at 17 dont tell me its too soon to tell....I dont "not like" many people in this world...but I am not a fan of this lady and I plan to tell the doctor that when I go back for my routine visit next week!

Ok, lol...I am done venting! I feel better!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Ok so I went to my third u/s today with Nicole's mom today and STILL couldnt tell what this little sucker is! There was a point when she really thought it was a boy but wasnt sure if that was its package or if it was the umbilical cord....DANG IT! So I have my u/s with my doctors office on Thursday morning so hopefully I have better luck then! The suspense is killing me...I just want to buy the bedding/buy a stroller-carseat combo...but I cant because I refuse to buy something neutral! AHHHHHHH!

Well wish me luck on Thursday that this kid is cooperating, LOL!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So I had another ultrasound today with Nicole's mom and the baby is breech (meaning head up/butt down) and so therefore, couldnt tell! I hate to keep bugging Laura for ultrasounds but I am so golly gee darn impatient that I just have to know! The suspense is killing me! I want to be able to go and buy decorate, ya know???

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

15 week belly shot!

Here ya go! Huge I tell ya...
I have another u/s next tuesday...hopefully the little peanut will perform!