Friday, April 24, 2009

Almost 19 weeks....

I will be 19 weeks on, almost half way over! It actually has gone by pretty fast! Although I am still very anxious to know what this little stinker is...I have decided to just give up! Maybe if I act like I dont care then the baby will show us its stuff at my next u/s??? Hey, its worth a shot, lol!

I have been feeling pretty good! No nausea since like week 10, but I still have a migraine daily...nothing new really...I had those pre-pregnancy as well! I had my monthly doc visit yesterday and I gained 3 pounds....I think I have gained a total of maybe 5 so far...I feel like I have gained more, lol! Everything looked great...well sounded great I should say...they just really listen to the heartbeat.

I am feeling movement 3-4 times a day....had a little poke as I typed that too, lol! Its not fluttering anymore...its pretty strong...not quite strong enough to feel outside my stomach, but it feels strong to me.

My friend, Kristyn, just had her baby last night...he is so stinkin cute! He is just a little guy...6 lbs 5 oz....nothin to him! So needless to say I was a little jealous that she was having her baby and I have like 20 more weeks to go!

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  1. When do you go in for your u/s with the Dr.?