Thursday, April 16, 2009

What is it with people???

So I will be 18 weeks preg on Monday....A few weeks ago at my routine doc appt, the midwife says, "Hey, lets schedule your u/s for a couple weeks!" I say, "Well isnt it too soon?" and she is all, "Nahhh, it'll be fine".....

So here we was the big day! I go and I drink my 32 ounces of water because this u/s tech is super anal and can like measure the liquid in your bladder and if you are an ounce shy of 32 she wont do your u/s! No doubt...this beotch is hard core! Anyway, I go in and lay on the ol table and she asks my due date...I say September 21st...she says, "Well you arent far enough along for me to do an assessment".....I just kind of mentioned to her that Bobbi (the midwife) was the one that scheduled it and she was just acting annoyed. I said, "Well can you at least try to see what it is since I am here?" and she honest to God, looks at me and is like, "Well I can try but its wayyy too early"....WHAT the F ever, lol! Anyway so she spends literally 20 seconds with the u/s machine and says, "Yeah its legs are crossed I cant tell".....WHAT??? I dont get this chic...she likes hates her job or something! Anyway, so I have my "20 week u/s" scheduled for April 30th...BUT Laura (Nic's Mom) told me to come back on Tuesday and we will give her another try!

I mean I found out with BOTH my girls at 17 dont tell me its too soon to tell....I dont "not like" many people in this world...but I am not a fan of this lady and I plan to tell the doctor that when I go back for my routine visit next week!

Ok, lol...I am done venting! I feel better!


  1. Hate to say this, but i know who you are talking about. Used to work with her and never would've expected this from her. But maybe shes dealt with a lot more crap at the office instead of the hospital, so maybe she is getting burnt out. Sorry to hear you didn't have a good experience. Hope the next time is better! And hopefully you can tell next Tuesday!!

  2. do you remember tiffany addams? anyway, she is preggo and due anyday now and i guess that the same ultrasound tech told her she was having a girl. they registered, painted a room lavendar, washed all the clothes for a newborn girl and that lady was wrong! i have heard that it happens quite often with her.

    sorry to hear you had to deal with such a crab. hopefully nic's mom can help you out!