Thursday, June 25, 2009

Almost 28 week check-up

Went to doctors is what happened:

  • Baby's Heartbeat - 148
  • Measuring exactly where I should be
  • Blood Pressure Good
  • Lost 3 Pounds....WTF???? Yeah you read right....I LOST 3 pounds! So now for a grand total of 5 pounds gained so far!!!! What the hell??? I guess those late night frozen pizzas arent hurting me, lol! The nurse/doctor both said I was all belly...but then whats up with my ass & hips??? LMAO...seriously! Maybe they were just big before and I was to blind to notice...who knows! But hey...I am not complaining!

I am now going every 2 weeks....exciting! I have to go and get my Rhogam Shot on Monday...Ouchie! And then I have to take my Glucose test this week as well...gross!

Yesterday I got a massage from my friend Lauren....BTW, GREAT massage therapist! If you or anyone you know is in need of an hour long massage for only $ Lauren @ (517)812-1122!

She is AWESOME! She does Gift Certs too!! Like how I name dropped...she will love that, lol!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Pic

Here are a couple 26 week and 3 day shots....whoo-whoo!

Looks like I am like, "Hey, guys look at my camera"....but I wasn't, lol
And here, I have no neck....well at least it certainly appears that way!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Feelin the burn...

So the heartburn has officially begun....doesnt matter what I eat...I get heartburn! And to hell with the fact that it means your baby will have a lot of hair because I had heartburn with my other kids and they didnt have a ton of hair...they had a little, but not a ton.

In other news...I am 25 weeks and 2 days and I feel VERY tired! Lately I have been getting horrible round ligament pains as I walk..ANYWHERE...and they literally take my breath away. It sucks! The groin pains have pretty much subsided but come back every now and then to make me miserable.

I will take some belly pics soon and post them....