Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mollie Irene Cole

So she is FINALLY here! And she is just a blessing! Here is her story...
So I was scheduled to be induced on Tuesday (9/15) and they told me to come up to l&d at 7am. We went up there and after we registered and everything, they informed us that they got super busy all the sudden and gave us a $5 coupon to go to the cafe and get breakfast...well I had already ate so Bobby used it. We went back up and waited for a little while and they then informed us that they were super busy and asked if we wouldnt mind going home and calling them around 12:00. We said ok...cause it was better to wait at home then sit at the hospital and do nothing.

So we had lunch at Applebees and then called l&d and they said that they would call me back around 1. So they called me back at 1 and said to come up at 1:30....we were on our way!

They got me right in when we got there and started the pitocin at 2:30....then the doc came in and broke my water at 3:30.

I was dilated to a 2-3 until about oh....midnight! I tried the jacuzzi tub and that helped for a minute (well actually I sat in that puppy for an hour)...I was really hurtin at this point and I was beggin for an epidural with the fear that they might not give me one as I wasnt a complete 3. But my nurse said I could....God bless her!

So at about 1am-ish, I got my epidural and things were great until about 4:30am.....I was hurtin a TON of pressure, but it hurt REALLY BAD! At about 5:30...I started crying and told the nurse that I need to push and she said ok lemme check and she was kind of hesitant to let me start pushing as I think I wasnt completely a 10....but she thought we would give it a I pushed a couple times and she was like.."Well I better go get the doctor"....

At 6am I was pushing away....4 pushes later...Mollie was flyin out, lol!

6:10am she was here!

WHY do my children feel the need to take there sweet a** time???

So thats my story and I am stickin to it, lol!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

39 weeks!

So a while back I signed up for the JDRF "Walk to Cure Diabetes" and yesterday was the day! OMG, was that the wrong thing to do, lol! I didnt realize that it was 2 FLIPPIN MILES! I made the kids walk, and my mom walked too! Emma did great...but Graci...uhhh...not so much! She whined pretty much the whole time because she was hungry and then it was because it was so long and so on and so fourth! Well then she fell when she was running and OH LORD you woulda thought she broke her leg or something....she scraped her knee and her thumb (and of course the thumb was bleeding) we had to stop at one of the cop cars on the way and ask for a bandaid...cause you know when kids bleed its like they are going to die, lol! So we continued to walk and I continued to hold my back and it was just pure hell! I was never so glad to see my car in my life! We got to the car and I sat down and it actually hurt more to sit still in my car then it did to actually walk, lol! Then I went home and took a nap!

So I was hoping that would get the process going and I doubt it did unless it dilated me some...but I doubt that too! Wont know till Tuesday!

So Tuesday is right around the corner....very nervous! I just hope its somewhat quick...probably wont be, but I sure hope it is!

Wish me luck!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

38w & 4d

So I had another weekly checkup dilation :-( Booo!

BUT my doc said he would induce me on the I got that all scheduled! I am a bit scared as I havent started dilating at all and I was at least a little dilated when I got induced with Emma & Graci....this time if I dont start dilating then I will be starting with a clean slate and that scares the bee-jeebers out of me!

Well I am going to twitter my way through the day so if you dont tweet and you want to know my status on Tuesday...then ya better follow me!

Monday, September 7, 2009


So today...well started last night...I am a cleaning maniac! I must say that I have been LAZY since I have been prego and thank God for my hubby for being a clean freak! Well last night I decided to brave the black hole (or the basement as some like to call it)....awhile back we had some water issues and a ton of clothes got wet and we just never got around to cleaning them (out of sight...out of mind I guess) anywho, they were ruined after being down there for so long! So I made myself go down there yesterday and start throwing stuff away! I went through ALL the laundry down there and ended up with 2 massive piles leftover (one dark and one white), so thats what I am working on today.

Today, I got up and cleaned the bathtub, the microwave (was super upset that ALL my magic erasers were gone)...but I managed. Still doing laundry and I am about to go upstairs and go through all of the girls clothes and start putting away summer clothes and putting the fall/winter apparel back in their drawers...what a pain! Then I have to do my room....YIKES!

Hopefully this is a sign that Mollie is making her way into the world....HOPEFULLY!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

37w & 5d appt

They didnt check my cervix...which I would have liked (well not enjoyed...but good to know if progress is being made)....the midwife, Bobbi, was there and not Dr. V so she said that he would check me next week. I talked to her about possibly being induced and she went and checked his schedule and said that the 15th he would be on-call. I dont necessarily WANT to be induced as it wasnt enjoyable with my first 2...BUT I am SOOOOO over being pregnant at this point! I dont consider myself a complainer....but I just feel like crap and these last 2 weeks are going to draaaaaagggg!

She did also mention that she couldnt guarantee the 15th because they only get 5 spots up in L&D and if someone is over-due or there is an emergency then they will be who knows!

Everything else looked good....gained another 4 pounds for a grand total now of 29! Whoa, almost tippin 30 pounds!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ultrasound....Just checkin'

So I had an u/s today at Dr. V's office....I think they just wanted to check the size and position of baby (and maybe fluid level and all that)....anyway, got a 3D pic:
Its not very good....but it'll do!