Sunday, September 13, 2009

39 weeks!

So a while back I signed up for the JDRF "Walk to Cure Diabetes" and yesterday was the day! OMG, was that the wrong thing to do, lol! I didnt realize that it was 2 FLIPPIN MILES! I made the kids walk, and my mom walked too! Emma did great...but Graci...uhhh...not so much! She whined pretty much the whole time because she was hungry and then it was because it was so long and so on and so fourth! Well then she fell when she was running and OH LORD you woulda thought she broke her leg or something....she scraped her knee and her thumb (and of course the thumb was bleeding) we had to stop at one of the cop cars on the way and ask for a bandaid...cause you know when kids bleed its like they are going to die, lol! So we continued to walk and I continued to hold my back and it was just pure hell! I was never so glad to see my car in my life! We got to the car and I sat down and it actually hurt more to sit still in my car then it did to actually walk, lol! Then I went home and took a nap!

So I was hoping that would get the process going and I doubt it did unless it dilated me some...but I doubt that too! Wont know till Tuesday!

So Tuesday is right around the corner....very nervous! I just hope its somewhat quick...probably wont be, but I sure hope it is!

Wish me luck!

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