Friday, January 30, 2009


So yesterday I had my first Doc Appt and everything went well I guess....he wrote me a Rx for Zofran for my nausea and then scheduled an Ultrasound for this morning at 8:45. Went in for the Ultrasound and they told me I didnt drink enough water (well I felt like I did, lol) I had to go empty my bladder and then they had to do a "Probe"....first time getting one of those and they really arent too pleasant. Anyway, couldnt see or hear a heartbeat so thats a little scary but could see the little sac and whatnot.

Message to Nicole....I know you will read this, can you call your Mom and ask if thats normal with that kind of ultrasound being 6 weeks along...just need some reassurance. Thanks!

Well so anyway, I am feeling pretty sick these days, no puking...Thank God...but still feel like I want to. We have this rancid smell in our kitchen right now...pretty sure its a dead mouse that I will never find so I have to just wait until the smell goes away...but it couldnt possibly be in the spare bedroom where no one it has to be right in the kitchen where I have to get food and with that smell in there...who wants to wat anything? Which brings me to us eating out a lot lately because of the smell....vicious cycle, lol!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


WHY does my bouncing baby to the right of the screen look like a lizard? Just wondered, lol

Sick of being sick...

So I caught a bug or something....Yesterday I had to leave work early because I started to get body aches really bad, had a migraine, sore throat, etc....So I went home around 10 only to feel worse throughout the day....there is nothing worse then being pregs and being sick as well...normally with a sickness like that I would dowse myself in Nyquil and call it a day, but you cant take that when you are I had to resort to childrens tylenol cold, yeah well it worked for the body aches and that was the worst part. My body aches were gone today but my throat hurts like haites and I still have a migraine and a horrible cough. I dont think it was the flu because I wasnt pukey feeling at all...was still able to eat and stuff....who knows! Anyway, havent gotten the preg sick yet...and I hope I dont...that would be AWESOME!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Did it Grow?

My kids are sooooooo fascinated with me having a "baby in my belly"...its so funny!

Emma's Thoughts:
  • Every morning for the past 2 days she has said, "Mommy, did the baby grow today?"
  • She stares at me all the time
  • Every time she walks by me she has to touch my belly
  • Is VERY protective....for instance...yesterday as I was getting the kids ready for the sitters Graci went a runnin like she always does and I yelled, "Graci get over here and get dressed"....well Emma pipes up and says, "Graci, you better not make mom yell cause she has a baby in her belly and thats not cool to make her yell so you better listen"
  • She said she told everyone at school yesterday and this one boy, Gunner (who she says just loves babies and is really good with kids, lol) apparently fainted because he was so happy. ....not sure on that one, lol

Graci's Thoughts:

  • I wanna name it "Sally"
  • Last night I ate an Ice Cream Sandwich and it didnt settle well and so Graci thought that maybe it was because the baby was growing? Or maybe it was because it was kicking me?
  • Other then that she doesnt really care, lol...

So really I am glad that they are at the age they are at because they seem very interested (ok well Emma does, lol) and its neat!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I say that like we have been trying for years and years....but really ONLY 3 months! But if you have ever tried to have a baby then 3 months seems like FOREVER!

Anyway, on Sunday I took a test and it was negative so I thought...GREAT gotta try again next month! But I went to Walmart last night and picked up a box of tests because I knew I would need them anyway and thought...Wellllll maybe I will take one right now..if its negative then I am going to wait to see if "Master P" comes......Well I took it and was a positive! Yayyyyy, now I get to join babymammaland! Going to call the doctor today and get an appt.