Friday, January 30, 2009


So yesterday I had my first Doc Appt and everything went well I guess....he wrote me a Rx for Zofran for my nausea and then scheduled an Ultrasound for this morning at 8:45. Went in for the Ultrasound and they told me I didnt drink enough water (well I felt like I did, lol) I had to go empty my bladder and then they had to do a "Probe"....first time getting one of those and they really arent too pleasant. Anyway, couldnt see or hear a heartbeat so thats a little scary but could see the little sac and whatnot.

Message to Nicole....I know you will read this, can you call your Mom and ask if thats normal with that kind of ultrasound being 6 weeks along...just need some reassurance. Thanks!

Well so anyway, I am feeling pretty sick these days, no puking...Thank God...but still feel like I want to. We have this rancid smell in our kitchen right now...pretty sure its a dead mouse that I will never find so I have to just wait until the smell goes away...but it couldnt possibly be in the spare bedroom where no one it has to be right in the kitchen where I have to get food and with that smell in there...who wants to wat anything? Which brings me to us eating out a lot lately because of the smell....vicious cycle, lol!


  1. Hey- I am about 99% sure its normal to not be able to hear a heartbeat at 6weeks. I think with Hudson we didn't hear it until 7 or so? Ok.. I just called my mom and she said that was normal that sometimes you can't see the fetal pole at 6weeks. She said you could come in on Tuesday and she'd scan you. She's at Rose City. Her phone number is 414-8077- give her a call Monday night and set up a time to meet her.

  2. Carrie, I just read Nicoles e-mail and hopefully that eased your mind. I know, it's scary! I hate not knowing what's going on. SOrry to hear that you have been feeling icky. It sounds like we are in the same boat, minus that I am actually throwing up! Cannot wait until that subsides.

  3. I linked here from nicole's blog and just wanted to say that the feeling sick is a good sign...I was always told that meant your baby was strong :) kids must have been mini Incredible Hulks!!