Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sick of being sick...

So I caught a bug or something....Yesterday I had to leave work early because I started to get body aches really bad, had a migraine, sore throat, etc....So I went home around 10 only to feel worse throughout the day....there is nothing worse then being pregs and being sick as well...normally with a sickness like that I would dowse myself in Nyquil and call it a day, but you cant take that when you are I had to resort to childrens tylenol cold, yeah well it worked for the body aches and that was the worst part. My body aches were gone today but my throat hurts like haites and I still have a migraine and a horrible cough. I dont think it was the flu because I wasnt pukey feeling at all...was still able to eat and stuff....who knows! Anyway, havent gotten the preg sick yet...and I hope I dont...that would be AWESOME!

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  1. Gah... sorry you're sick. I hate being "real" sickness sick while pregnant. Ick.

    Hey- have you got your money yet from the Sacred Heart deal?