Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oh good Lord!

So I went in for my 20 weeks u/s today (well I will be 20 weeks on Monday)....and wouldnt ya know it...they couldnt tell AGAIN! I am having the worst luck! First the baby was laying on its belly so then the tech told me to go to the bathroom and walk around the hall for a few I did. I came back and the baby was then laying on its back but still has legs straight out and crossed at the its thighs were basically squeezing its little parts. She said that she thought it was a girl..only because from the angle she was looking she should have been able to see boy parts IF it was a boy and she her best guess was a girl! At this point...I would take a damn puppy...I just want to know what it is, LOL! So I am going to talk to Nic's mom again to see if I can come bug her again because I am so damn impatient that I cant take this whole "not knowing" stuff! So maybe I can go in and see Laura on Tuesday morning....lets hope she can tell this time! I am not taking anyone with me....just myself...maybe thats what the baby wants??? Who knows...I am out of answers!

Ok well I guess I will write again when I have some actual news to report~


  1. Oh dear God! Maybe the baby doesn't like the music on your blog? HAHAHA! No, that's just me. PFFT. Well, if it is a girl, how cool b/c I think your girls' name is PERFECT. Lucy, right? Emma, Graci and Lucy? DARLING!!!

    I'm sure my mom can get you in soon :) Hopefully if you keep bugging the little shit, he/she will cooperate!

    Thankfully, everything looked ok (healthy) at your 20week now all you have to worry about is the gender ;)

  2. My GOD!!! I cant believe the luck you are having with this!! Hope you can see soon!!