Sunday, August 16, 2009

My "Sprinkle"

So today. my friend, Kristyn, threw me such a nice shower (that we will call a sprinkle as I dont go crazy and give her this big huge invite list and I didnt register for huge expensive stuff like you do with your first child, lol)....any chance that I get to spend time with family and friends is ALWAYS a joy!

Kristyn made this really cute cake (sorry I dont have pics yet)....and it was super good! We had Subway, pasta salad, taco dip and chips....super yummy! It was a really nice day minus the downpour we had for a few minutes where my daughter (Graci) decided to play in a mud puddle...AHHHHHHHHHHHHH...I hate mud, sand, name it, I hate it!

My friends/family are the best....I was hesitant about letting Kristyn throw this shower at first cause I thought, "Well this is my third baby".....but really, when you think about it....the last shower I had was for Emma and that was 6.5 years ago and all her stuff was used for Graci and then after it went through 2 kids, I just gave it away or gave it to people who needed it more then I at the time. This time around I have spent a ton of money and did the nursery the way I wanted it. I didnt have the chance to have an actual nursery for Emma/Graci so since this baby was actually planned, I was going all out, lol! So anyway, I just registered for some small items (towels, washclothes, socks, bottles, binkies, etc) as I didnt need any of the big stuff. All in all it was so nice to see everyone!

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