Thursday, February 19, 2009

My little sea creature

So I got ahold of Nic's mom on Tuesday and went in for an ultrasound....I didnt drink quite as much water this time (only a 16 ounce and that was plenty)....Everything looked good and my little blob is measuring exactly 8w 3d...well it will be 9 weeks tomorrow! Could see the little heartbeat and hear it...was so comforting.

Update on how I am feeling....Still craptastical! I feel good when I am eating but other then that I feel yucktastic! I cannot wait for this nauseating/migraine-ish feeling to go away and get back to normal...well not normal but you know!


  1. Soon the sickness will be over and you'll be thinking about labor. Don't forget you'll soon feel kicking.
    Maternity Clothing-
    Go to the Howell Outlets and hit the clearance racks, they have TONS. Some are even 90% off!
    Don't forget to ask for the free mothers bag.

  2. yay! Glad you made it in for a peek and that everything looks a-ok!

  3. Here's a posting from Jackson Swap Shop (Sorry I don't have your email addy)
    I have lots of maternity clothes I would like to get rid of! They range in sizes from medium to x large! I have too many to take pictures of. Please contact me if you are interested at 1-517-740-6601! I need these to go $2 a piece! All name brand!
    Thanks amber

    If you are interested go and look and if you like a lot see if she'll give you a really good deal!
    Good luck!!