Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So today my friend at work tells me that her SIL lost her baby at 18 weeks.....so sad! She was going to find out what she was having and they could not find a heartbeat...and tonight she has to actually deliver the baby...honestly, what are your thoughts??? If you were to be 18 weeks along would you want them to just put you out and take the baby or would you want to go through all that pain and suffering to know that there is no light at the end of the tunnel? I, for one, would rather them knock me out and get it over with but I guess thats not protocol. I just feel for her ya know. She tried for so long to have this baby then had to do 4 months of In-vitro and she is now 40...so the chances of that happening again, I would think, would be pretty high.

THEN I went and read that blog about the little baby Cora....what a devastating situation! Those poor parents, I cant even imagine what they are going through right now....What an awful awful thing to happen to their little baby.

I just hope and pray that my little baby (or what looks like a swamp thing in the pic to the right, lol) is ok and they are healthy.

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