Tuesday, February 17, 2009

If at first you dont succeed...try..try...again

So I am going to call Nicole's mom this morning (well text her as I was told) and see if she can get me in for an ultrasound today. Hopefully she can!

I am feeling somewhat better as in, I am not sick ALL day long anymore...its now more at a certain time in the morning and right before bed, which is far better then all day. I hate this part in the pregnancy though where your old clothes dont fit and your maternity stuff is too big or look silly....its rough! I have purchased a couple pair of nice work pants (that are maternity) and they fit me now which means when I am a full blown cow that they probably wont! All t he shirts I have bought are Large and so they are all real big still....guess I need to hit up the clearance rack and find some smaller stuff.

I will update later on the ultrasound situation...

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