Friday, March 6, 2009


So I am really trying to keep up on this blogging deal...especially with the new arrival and all. So I am now 11 weeks along and I am really starting to feel normal again...I do still have issues with migraines and being tired but thats way better then being nauseous any day of the week. I am def getting a tum tum...they say that after you have one kid and you get pregs again that your belly just pops out and I dont remember it happening like that with Graci, but this kid aint holdin back! I already have to wear maternity shirts...they just look better when you have a pooch...when you wear your other shirts it just looks like you are bloated, lol. I can still wear my normal pants, I just have to use the pony-tail holder method.

The more I think about it being a girl or boy the more I kind of want another little girl...I know thats weird because I already have 2, but its like...I have never had a boy! How do you raise a boy? Are they much different then little girls? The fear of the unknown...gets me every time!

We finally have the baby's room half is tan and the bottom half is chocolate brown! Thought that was pretty neutral and would go with pink/brown or blue/brown. So we will see! OH and we got new carpet yesterday...IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love it! Not to the point where I am rolling around on it, but I love it!

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  1. HAHA I'd have been rolling around on the new carpet! Post some pics of teh baby's room... sounds super cute! Do you have names picked out?