Thursday, March 19, 2009

Was that what I think it was?

So yesterday as I was sitting at work with my pants all tight on my lower stomach I felt these little way I can describe it is if you take your fingernail and lightly scratch your skin....kinda felt like that. I KNOW it was seems early, but I think by now I know that feeling. I know it wasnt gas because gas bubbles are much higher in your stomach (well where your stomach is)....not low where your uterus is! Anyway, so that was cool!

I couldnt take the whole "So white I glow in the dark" feeling anymore so I went and got spray tanned....I feel so great! It looks good (well except my hands, but I kind of expected that, lol)....I just feel so much more better about the way I look....anyone else feel that way?

I need to get some pictures up....I will have to do that this weekend!

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