Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sick sick and more sick...

Well not pregnancy sick thank God....So on Wednesday I woke up with a sore throat and thought oh crap its probably strep throat since Graci had it last week. AND my left eye was all nastified. I stayed home and went to the doctor and come to fine out it was just a viral sinus infection or something and I have Pink Eye....NEVER in my life have I had Pink Eye and I feel ohhh so gross about it. This is kinda ridiculous, but when I think of Pink Eye, I think of that movie, "Knocked Up" in which all the guys that lived together all got Pink Eye from farting in each others now I feel like everyone is going to think Bobby farted in my pillow, LOL! No seriously! Well I guess its REALLY contagious, like you can just touch something that somebody touched who has pink eye and get it that way....well my BIL, Matt, has Pink Eye as well and we were around them on I guess I got it from him. "Knock on Wood" but no one else in my household has gotten it yet...hopefully they dont!

Pregnancy-wise, feeling good....have had some "growing pains" in my lower abdomen the past couple days...I am pretty sure they are normal. I am not sick anymore...def still fighting migraines/headaches but I am hoping they leave sometime soon! I am 12 weeks on Friday....yay! Only 2/3rd's left to go, lol!

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