Thursday, May 28, 2009

23 weeks and counting...

So I am 23 weeks as of Monday....Had my routine doc appt yesterday and everything was great! Gained 4 pounds for a grand total of 8....I know...8??? I look like I have gained another person!

Baby is moving around like crazy...its so weird but I can tell exactly when she is going to move...its such a cool feeling! I have been feeling pretty good...the groin issues have slightly gone away, which is good!

I had a pinched nerve in my back last week which went all up my neck and down my was AWFUL! I broke down and called the doc because I was in so much pain. They prescribed me some Tylenol 3's w/codeine, which I was VERY apprehensive to take at first...but I figured that since the doc prescribed them, they must be ok. I feel better is still lingering in my back...but no longer in my neck, which was the worst part.


  1. I can't believe you've only gained 8lbs! HOW do you do it?! I swear I start packing on the pounds the second I get pregnant.

    Any names yet?????? I WANT TO KNOW!!! :)

    Try the chiropractor. Worked WONDERS when I was pregnant. I couldn't imagine going through a pregnancy w/out it. I started at like 5wks with Hudson LOL! Mainly b/c my migraines started acting up (I got bad migraines at the beginning of both pregnancies) but towards the end it was great for those hip/back pains.

  2. That is crazy that you have only gained 8 pounds. I think I am like almost double that! I have been having some lower back pain too, I think I might give the chiropractor a go if it gets worse. Hope you are feeling better :)