Saturday, May 9, 2009

Shop till ya drop...literally!

So today I went shopping at the Howell Outlet Mall (Tanger I think) with Missy and Maria. It was fun...nice to get out without the kiddies and just do some good ol shopping! As I get bigger it has become hard for me to walk a groin area KILLS when I walk alot and I get these pains in my lower abdomen...OUCHIE wah wah! OH yeah and my feet/legs hurt too! I am so out of shape its unreal....I suppose that having a job that requires you to sit on your ass all day isnt the best form of exercise but hey, what do ya do? Just watching people walk on TV wears me imagine actually doing it, lol! Anyway, got a TON of clothes for the little peanut today! Not nearly enough for a whole wardrobe, but a good start! When Missy dropped me back off to my car, I thought that since the kids were at my moms and the hubby went up north...that I was going to go back to Lansing and go to Babies R us.....I love that store! I ended up buying this:

I loved it when I saw it online but they were out of I checked the store and they had a ton! OH and I got the CUTEST little outfit...check it out!

Awww...its a newborn size to hopefully it fits...I am sure the shoes will be too big because they always are!


  1. Love the outfit.
    Oh hunny, at least you have a baby growing in your belly. I complain about being out of shape, and I have no "good" reason.

  2. love the outfit.....pretty stroller too!